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Mens 4

Captain : Craig Talbot

Team Photo 2013/14



  02/09/2017   3.30pm   Friendly   Club Game   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  09/09/2017   3.00pm   Friendly   North Notts 4   Nottingham Hockey Centre   5-1
  16/09/2017   3.00pm   Friendly   Derby 4   Nottingham Hockey Centre   1-4
  23/09/2017   4.30pm   Friendly   Mansfield   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  30/09/2017     Friendly   Belper 5   Away  
  07/10/2017   12.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Nottingham 4   Goosedale  
  14/10/2017   3.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Belper 5   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  21/10/2017     Cen. N.E. Div. 1   West Bridgford 7   Away  
  28/10/2017   5.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Boots 5   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  04/11/2017     Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Derby 4   Away  
  11/11/2017   3.30pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Nottingham 5   Goosedale  
  18/11/2017   3.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Belper 6   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  25/11/2017     Cen. N.E. Div. 1   West Bridgford 8   Away  
  02/12/2017   12.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   North Notts 4   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  09/12/2017   12.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Boots 6   Lady Bay  
  16/12/2017   4.30pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1     Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  13/01/2018   4.30pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Nottingham 4   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  20/01/2018   4.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Belper 5   Belper Meadows  
  27/01/2018   3.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   West Bridgford 7   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  03/02/2018   3.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Boots 5   Lady Bay  
  10/02/2018   3.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Derby 4   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  17/02/2018   5.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Nottingham 5   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  24/02/2018   4.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Belper 6   Belper Meadows  
  03/03/2018   3.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   West Bridgford 8   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  10/03/2018     Cen. N.E. Div. 1   North Notts 4   Away  
  17/03/2018   5.00pm   Cen. N.E. Div. 1   Boots 6   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  24/03/2018     Cen. N.E. Div. 1     Away  

Last 5 Match reports

Players 4s vs Derby

This match report comes from the view on the balcony. Pre game started badly with us losing our keeper 45 minutes before pushback leaving us one player light and with no choice but to put an outfield player in goal, that person was to be our social secretary Paul May(his second time in goal). We managed to get a couple of players from twos(Martin Eden and Michael Smith) to double up and give us extra support. We started the game strongly with Derby struggling to keep up our passing moves. The only thing we didn't do right in the first half was score. The second half started the same but this time we managed to score within 3 minutes of the start through Nick smashing one in from the top of the D. Then Derby decided to turn up and were soon level, this only pushed us forward and were back in the lead with Michael Dockrell getting his first goal of the season. It was soon 3-1 when Nick charge through their defence to slot his second goal of the game in the bottom corner, Derby didn't let go and were soon on top. Their pressure payed off and pulled another goal back before the dubious goal committee were called into action when Craig's shot went in off their defender never the less we decided to give it to our captain for his 3rd goal this season. The game was wrapped up when Nick completed his hatrick from a short corner to give us a 5-2 victory and keep our unbeaten streak going.
MOM-Nick Pearce
Captains message. Although this was another good game and win we need to keep our feet on the ground and put this game behind us and focus on the next game against Boots.

Players 4s vs. North Notts 5

Today in following our glorious leader Craig we were joined by our supreme leader Tony and we had a much changed side seeing only six players from the previous weeks win at Newark. Anyway on with the show, we had a quick team talk and proceeded to start playing quick attacking hockey with a lot of short fast passing hockey that the ageing North Notts team couldn't keep up with. Tony had setup as defensive mid allowing potter to brake in the D and after some exchange passes between Mike Freeman and Nick Pearce to find potter who flicked just wide of the goal. We then proceeded to have a series of short corners, finally braking through when Nick smashed home from the top of the D for his debut goal. Then something surprising happened after a slick passing move from Mike Dockrell the chairman and Potter got the ball to Nick who reversed the ball to Craig at the back post who's reversed shot was saved by the keeper but bounced back to Craig to flick in the goal. We were now in full control with Isaac and Lucas enjoying the left hand side and were finding the midfield with some lovely passing moves. The second half began with some unfortunate events starting after the umpires calling Craig over to calm down his team resulting in a bad call to Nathan with the ball ending up with North Notts scoring. Then we were down to ten men for two minutes when Ben Walker was given a green card, we carried on and were 3-1 up when Craig's shot found a North Notts defenders foot on the line to give us a penalty flick which Potter scored. North Notts didn't give up and soon pulled one back, we then started to slow down and almost drew the game had it not been for there player to miss an open goal just before the final whistle handing us our second win in a row. Mom is Nick and Dod is Ben for the green card.

Players 4 vs Newark 4

We had an interesting meet involving a sprinting Paul social butterfly out pacing a young half a sleep Tristan. A lucky bamboo for our glorious leader and a confused Colin at the whole antics of a 4th team meet. As we leave we all think josh has gone in Tristan's dads car, but unbeknownst to us to find he's got to the gents at Highfield's after ringing around. So as me and Craig make a u turn on the roundabout we begin to wonder who will save him from dick of the day. Anyway with numerous fixtures happening all over the place we knew our 9:30 pushback in Newark would kick off Players season and yes we were all in a boisterous mood hoping it didn't rain as It normally does when we play in Newark. With a lot of people not available for some reason or another we ended up with a centre back pairing of Jono Oldham and Mark Green. Now to the game we set up in a traditional 442 formation with two subs, we attacked from the start as Newark kindly hit to us to start the match and with Craig and Josh pressing their defence to Ben Walker along with Colin Swinburne(who was making his players debut) ruining their midfield's composure on the ball gained a short corner which Ben miss hitting down the middle to find me on the keeper to put the ball through the keepers legs to open my account and the 4s for the season. As we attacked their D Newark's defence started to crack under pressure with Josh scoring after some slick passes, then Jono scored from a short corner, Our fourth came when Mike Freeman put in from the back post. Then our captain decided to join in the goals by slamming one in past the keeper from the top of the D to open his account. Mike then added another to his tally to give us a 6-0 half time lead. At half time we all got good just carry on and spot of squash and a puff of my inhaler. The second half started badly as we conceded two quick goals before the ball reached me in the D to put in the bottom corner to make it 7-2. Towards the end of the game their pulled another one back before josh scored his second to give us a 8-3 win.
Captains thoughts- It was really good team performance with everyone working for each other, couldn't ask for any more commitment especially form Josh Berends, Lucas Griffiths-Grey and Colin Swinburne.
Man of the match- Lucas Griffiths-Grey. Craig of the day- Simeon Harry Potter Green.

Players 4s vs Boots 5s Match Report

As I'm not that good at these reports (thanks Michael Newsome for being unavailable) I will do my best.
As in the previous match we held our own and were on level par with our opponents throughout the first half with some good passing and runs down the flanks, unfortunately this made Boots up their game but we didn't drop our heads and thanks to a good pass from Jon Lane to Ben Walker who then knocked in a good ball into Boots's D which gave Adam Holmes the chance to sweep the ball past the keeper into the bottom left hand side of the goal giving us a half time lead. As I've said before this is a tough league and Boots proved this by pulling level within minutes of the start of the second half although we never gave up Boots were soon in the lead (help by the fact that they had three subs to our empty bench) and soon enough Boots extended the lead before Jon Lane pulled one back from a well taken short corner (and before you ask I stayed on top of the D). This helped lift our spirits and with the chance to equalise we gave it our best, unfortunately Boots weren't feeling charitable and soon scored again. Our supporters(all 11, by the way thanks for your support) kept cheering us on but we couldn't match Boots tempo(again because they had subs)and we were soon 5-2 down, although a little deflated we carried on and the supporters pushed us on to finish strong and we did with Jon Lane scoring another short corner meaning at the game finished 5-3 to them.
Although we lost it was a great team effort and some fantastic saves from Sam Lane again proved we can match the best when we work together. Last but not least Man of the match goes to Adam Holmes and Dick of the day (surprisingly doesn't go to me) but does go to Rob Fish who forgot his trainers.
Craig Talbot.

Players 4s vs Burton 5s Match Report

Players 4s vs Burton 5s Match report
In spite of Craig Talbot’s inspired tactical whiteboard in the dressing room, we knew that Burton 5s would pose a strong test for us, given that their 6th team had won 10-1 away from home the previous week. Fortunately, the fact that the game was at home did mean that we would at least have a full complement of players to start as no one could get lost or pretend to forget the goalie kit, as was done in such humorous fashion the week before.
With downpours of Biblical proportions seemingly off the cards, the game began, with Burton pushing back (that is the only part of this match report that I guarantee to be accurate). Players started strongly and pressured Burton well in the early stages, although an experienced Burton defence remained strong and enabled their side to get a foothold in a first half that was decidedly even. The crowd would have remained on the edges of their respective seats for most of the half, were it not for the hilarious antics of a player who was later to receive “Craig of the day” for his actions. Ready to receive the ball in a key position, a gap opened up in the Burton midfield, allowing Jon Lane to make, what was surely the best pass of the match from inside the Players’ half to find Craig on the edge of the area. Unfortunately, Craig had left his Velcro trainers at home and was, at the very moment we need him most, tying his laces, causing the ball to roll past the end of his stick and out of play.
However, we had more chances to squander! Our first penalty corner of the half came about 8 minutes from half time, with Lob pushing out to Jon Lane who received the ball, contemplated the meaning of life, considered his goal celebration and made some plans for the rest of his weekend, before hitting it sweetly towards the goal. Sadly, our illustrious captain had decided to run in front of the shot, meaning that any voters who remained undecided as to whom they should elect as “Craig of the day” had suddenly been chosen.
It looked as though it would be a tight 0-0 at halftime, until a long ball through wasn’t well dealt with by the Burton defence, and the ball came to Craig who made amends for his previous errors by hitting the ball sharply into the bottom right hand corner. Could both Craig of the Day and Man of the Match go to the same man? Would Burton even have time to pushback again? The answer to both questions was a no, and Players came off the far happier of the two sides.
Burton started the second half a far stronger team however and without the guidance of Craig Talbot who had been unable to make it through 40 minutes without needing the toilet , Burton soon scored an equaliser, that was probably about deserved given the balance of play. However, Players rallied and began to play some of the nicest hockey we have ever managed as a group- A well managed defensive display, with some great tracking runs back from midfield meant we were soon able to capitalise through counter attacks- with runs coming from Rob and Steve. A resulting penalty corner saw us regain the lead, as Jon was able to convert.
Burton were back on level pegging soon after however with Rich McDougal receiving a ball in the middle of the park. Unfortunately, everyone wanted the ball so badly, no one thought to tell him about the rapidly advancing Burton player, who also wanted the ball. Players’ heads did not drop however and with time running out, Ollie Green found himself in the right place at the right time to drive a ball home past the Burton keeper. Determined not to lose the lead for a third time, we played some good hockey, and another long ball down the right saw Steve and craig linking up, to provide Ollie with the ball, who calmly reverse sticked the ball to the keeper’s right, with five minutes to go, to find Players 4s our first league win this season.
Special mention to Steve Thomas, who chased a long ball down in the final moments and was involved in a ‘committed challenge’ with the keeper. Hopefully the win took some of the pain (and blood) away!
Man of the Match- Rob Fish (effort!)
Craig of the Day- Craig.
M. Newsome.
Well done lads a fantastic team performance couldn't of asked for more.
C. Talbot.