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Mens 3

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Team Photo 2013/14



  02/09/2017   3.30pm   Friendly   Club Game   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  09/09/2017     Friendly   North Notts 3   Away   5-1
  16/09/2017     Friendly   Derby 3   Away   4-0
  23/09/2017   3.00pm   Friendly   Nottingham 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  30/09/2017   1.30pm   Friendly   Mansfield   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  07/10/2017   3.30pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Khalsa 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  14/10/2017   1.30pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Nottingham 3   Goosedale  
  21/10/2017   1.30pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Northampton   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  28/10/2017   1.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Leicester 3   English Martyrs  
  04/11/2017   1.30pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Derby 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  11/11/2017     3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Derwent   Away  
  18/11/2017   12.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Coventry & North Warwick 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  25/11/2017   12.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Barton 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  02/12/2017   1.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Belper 3   Belper Meadows  
  09/12/2017   1.30pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Berkswell & Balsall Common 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  16/12/2017   12.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Leicester   LeicsGS water  
  13/01/2018   4.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Khalsa 3   St Nicholas  
  20/01/2018   12.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Nottingham 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  27/01/2018   3.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Northampton   Moulton G4 water  
  03/02/2018   1.30pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Leicester Westleigh 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  10/02/2018   2.30pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Derby 3   St Benedicts  
  17/02/2018   3.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Derwent   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  24/02/2018   12.30pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Coventry & North Warwick 3   Coventry Uni  
  03/03/2018   11.30am   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Barton   Shobnall  
  10/03/2018   12.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Belper 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  
  17/03/2018   12.00pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Berkswell & Balsall Common 3   Bablake  
  24/03/2018   1.30pm   3rd XI East Mids. Prem.   Leicester 3   Nottingham Hockey Centre  

Last 5 Match reports

Mens 3s - 18/10/14 - Nottingham Players 7 - Barton 1

Right from the off Players took the game to Barton and soon found themselves 2-0 up - Barton made it even harder for themselves as their keeper went off for a yellow and Colin McConnell added the third with a drag scoop from a PC

Players kept the pressure on and added 4 more with Martin Eden scoring a hat trick and after the game producing his wallet from his very deep pockets in the bar

Barton pulled one back at the end defeating debutant keeper Russell Petford but that didn't stop the 3s from recreating fortress Highfields for this season


Mens 3s - 4/10/14 - Nottingham Players 3 Loughborough Town 1

This game was all about the Luke O'Brien show as he ripped the opposition defence apart not only with 3 superbly taken goals but his running and positioning all through the 70 minutes

Players started quicker off the blocks and deservedly were 2-0 up at half time - The 2nd was one of the best finishes you'll see all season

Players didn't let up in the second half and LOB's third goal finished the game off - Keeper Alex Henderson pulled off some good saves at the end but Players deservedly took the three points

Men's 3s V Coventry and North Warwick (2-1)

Men's 3s found out during the week that the league had changed meaning that relegation seemed probable. Not downhearted but excited of playing in an easier league next season, Players were in good spirits and it showed on the pitch. Players dominated the first half but were tested with a few counter-attacks, which were counter-defended with some excellent goalkeeping from Harry Taylor.

Players did not have much luck in front of goal though and this prompted Pete Dodsley to come up with a new tactic. He drove forward and hit a well aimed ball into the area right onto a defender's stick that deflected into the goal. Cunning.

It was end to end in the second half like a basketball game. Another electric run by Ant Crooks caused mayhem and a shot found Abrar Baig on the far post who finished expertly with a half volley. He celebrated like Alan Shearer with one arm aloft. Players sat back to protect the lead and welcomed pressure, but some fine teamwork limited the opposition to one goal.

MOM - Harry Taylor, DOD - Josh Hayes (he turned up wearing odd socks and an expression of embarrassment)




Men's 3s Vs Saints

It was an unusually warm day, fit for sunbathing. Most of the team, notably the defence, decided to take the option of a lie down in the sun as the Saints marched ominously on goal and on, and on. In fact it was such a nice day that I, the leading DOD accumulator, did not get up again through injury.  

Players counter attacked well through the speed of Ant Crooks and newbie Jamie but were shut down by an organised team. Our goalie pawed away chance after chance away like the original karate kid (not the remake), and scuttled about the floor smoothly like a drunken hobo.

Players went in 4-0 down and took in a deep breath. They came back out playing a higher line which allowed them to get in the Saints' faces. A goal of the season fell on to the pitch from the gods and, for a brief moment, Players were world beaters. A goal coming from 6 or 7 short flowing 1-2-3 passes originating in defence were finished with aplomb by LOB. Saints subsequently went into their shell and only managed 1 goal in the second half.

Players can take heart from a battling performance against the league leaders.

MOM - Harry, DOD - Fraser (for getting injured again)


Men's 3s Vs Nottingham (1-1)


This was it. The big game. Third from bottom facing the team below it with a winner gaining a buffer from the relegation zone. It also happened to be a derby game with the last game played between the two being a feisty affair.

Players started very brightly and created two clear one on one chances only to be thwarted by some limp finishing.

Third time lucky. The ball seemingly struck a foot on the line and, just as shouts of 'FLICKKK' even got chance to form, the ball trickled over the line and a goal was given. England triathlete Alex Bowman got the goal. The opposition were furious and asked for a referral. There was no TV replay available.

More chances were presented to Players but were denied by some desperate defending.

Players lost a defender at half time who had to go and open his shop, and the shape of the team subsequently weakened. There were less chances in the second half, but Players still had a handful of penalty corners to put the game to bed. The opposition went down to 10 after trying to argue with Players umpire Roger Woods, the master of arguing with umpires. They should have know better. Despite this advantage, the team seemed to play worse and succumbed to a 1-1 draw.

Although the team missed out on a win, they can take heart in keeping Nottingham beneath them in the league and playing some very good hockey (at times).

Simon Hore got man of the match for some great tackling, running and passing.