Players 5 vs Boots 7

March 6, 2016

It took a while to get onto the pitch yesterday, as the running order at Lady Bay had been delayed earlier in the day by two teams arriving with the same colour kit. Pitchside, we were entertained by a hailstorm which gives some idea of the temperature and left us with a blue carpet covered in marbles as a playing surface.

The Men’s 5th Team came up against well organised opponents who were very comfortable in moving the ball around in our D. We had the best of the chances early on, with Ryan hitting the post early on and Matthew Shipway’s top shot claiming the first goal. But by then they’d started to spot our frailties and reorganised at half-time to take full advantage.

Our cause wasn’t helped by a controversial penalty flick converted in the second half, but we were already 3-1 down by that point. 5-2 was the eventual scoreline, with Nick adding our second goal. Matt Shipway won MotM.